Sunday, 12 June 2011

Snetterton - practice that panning

Panning with slow shutter speeds at about 300mm, trying to achieve great movement while retaining a pretty crisp image.  I'd prefer to do this in camera rather than motion blur in Photoshop

 Taken at 1/100th, getting a good success rate but background is to obvious so needed cropping out.

Taken at 1/60th, getting a little less success rate and background is still a problem (This is on the straight as the E-Type didn't handle the corners!).
Now down to 1/30th, getting some success and even bright background is acceptable without crop (although crop may improve the image).

Now down to 1/15 and obviously a step to far for my panning skills hand held (monopod / tripod may help),  getting a very poor success rate but background is great.

Still at 1/15th but this time panning on the red car overtaking the black one - interesting (well I thought so).

The whole experience was a little Hare Raising