Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Competition Night

Our second "Projected Image Competition" at Cambridge Camera Club and a less than successful evening for me with the following images.  Back for more punnishment in a few weeks time!
Eye Contact - (commended)

Ghost Rider - (not this time, must try harder)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Brands Hatch British Superbikes - 9th October 2011

An eventful day at Brands Hatch.  Initially wet and drying out resulted in many incidents.  The final of the BSB was absolutely fantastic, full of overtaking with the championship at stake.  Tommy Hill came out on top after a staggering final lap.
See more pictures on my Cambridge Photography site
Michael Laverty takes a tumble in race 1
Michael Laverty recovers but that bike is going nowhere

Tommy Hill - the Champion

Hot Kawasaki

The tumble

The slide

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Snetterton - practice that panning

Panning with slow shutter speeds at about 300mm, trying to achieve great movement while retaining a pretty crisp image.  I'd prefer to do this in camera rather than motion blur in Photoshop

 Taken at 1/100th, getting a good success rate but background is to obvious so needed cropping out.

Taken at 1/60th, getting a little less success rate and background is still a problem (This is on the straight as the E-Type didn't handle the corners!).
Now down to 1/30th, getting some success and even bright background is acceptable without crop (although crop may improve the image).

Now down to 1/15 and obviously a step to far for my panning skills hand held (monopod / tripod may help),  getting a very poor success rate but background is great.

Still at 1/15th but this time panning on the red car overtaking the black one - interesting (well I thought so).

The whole experience was a little Hare Raising

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Aircraft at the Shuttleworth Collection

Spent an enjoyable day at the Shuttleworth Collection, including some early evening flying so I though it time I started my photographic blogging.  Birds of Prey were an interesting challenge. (See more images here)